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Are you in crisis?

• If you or a family member is in crisis or facing an emergency:

• contact your healthcare provider

• call 911

• go to the nearest emergency room, or

• call the Veterans Crisis Line

• Spanish/Español 1(888) 628-9454


SimCoach is a new way for Veterans and their families to find expert help and support services for PTSD. It's an innovative and interactive online program being developed by the Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California.

With SimCoach, you can have a confidential online conversation with Bill Ford – a virtual human who brings real-world experience to his job. Bill is a Vietnam Vet who stayed in and retired as a senior NCO. He also had PTSD and he can help you learn more about the kinds of treatment available today and the things that worked for him.

Talk to Bill today. It’s easy to do and strictly confidential. And it’s a great first step toward taking control of your personal well-being today… and tomorrow.

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